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travel activities in Kiruna

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Partners for travel activities you want to book in Kiruna will be choosen individually after your demands. The freedom of independence enables us to cooperate for each inquiry with tour operators in Kiruna that can fulfill exactly your expectations of a visit here in Kiruna.

winter activities in Jukkasjärvi

Some examples of winter activities in Kiruna

Visit the Sami-people and learn about traditions of reindeer herding and drive a reindeer sled.

Sleddogtour (active) - after serious introduction you can drive an own dogteam !

Sleddogtour (passive) - take a seat on warm reindeer fur and your musher will give you a comfortable travel in great scenery !

Snowshoe hiking - feel like Jack London and leave (nothing but) your footsteps in the great white open tundra

Snowmobiletour - enjoy the adrenaline-kick of travelling by snowscooter yourself.
Learn to drive a car on plain ice of a frozen lake

Igloo-building - learn to build it, and sleep inside !

Cross-country skiing - lots of space for skiing

Ice-fishing - proove your patience to get your dinner...

Wintersurvival - experienced survival trainers will educate you - maybe as preparation for winter adventures on your own ?

Icecarving - shape the block and create a sculpture from frozen water

Northern-lights safari - watch the Aurora Borealis and feel the magic atmosphere

Huskykennel-visit - learn about sleddogs in Kiruna

Horseback-riding - Iceland-horses like the climate up here and go safely off the beaten track.

Visit the LKAB in Kiruna - the worlds largest underground iron ore mine

On demand we can arrange most of these activities as competition for groups!

All activities will be guided by professional Kiruna wilderness guides!

Hotels in Kiruna

A typical Kiruna winter activity

sled dog travel

on Torne river near Kiruna